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Jean Marc Lopez AVC Signals: Our goal and vision

To make you successful and a winner in the financial markets!

This is not achieved through anything but depth of knowledge and passion. It is our belief that without passion and dedication no one will be long term successful in markets.

We bring that passion and dedication to help you become the successful trader and market participant that you wish to be.

Jean Marc Lopez leads our team of professionals brings this passion and dedication with him and instils the belief that success is possible when it is joined with this commitment.

Our concept is to act as teacher, mentor and provider of support to our customers. This we provide through our calls and our weekly technical and fundamental takes on the markets across the asset classes. These two items are aimed at providing an educational scope within the overall analysis. Our belief is that it is important to learn as well as earn!

We hope that you will read the sections on the trading methodology and also the psychology that is behind the concepts.

We wish to bring you good trade ideas that realise a limited risk profile with an enhanced return strategy. We are not interested in winning all our trades or even making such a claim because that would be near on impossible. Every market makes turns and moves that are not expected and even the best traders in the world lose. The system protects you for the losing trades and enhances your performance in the winning trades.

A critical message for all traders! This is a marathon and not a sprint!